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Binary Media Inc. is a consulting and services company that embraces technology for its clients to get the job done. Most small businesses are successful because of an expertise in the product or the service. The hands on craftwork that separates one small business from its competitors is the 'special sauce' that sustains good businesses in the marketplace. But that same drive and sense of ownership can sometimes get in the way of a successful small business's growth. In fact, the 'hands on' style which makes many businesses successful in the first place, sometimes can get in the way of taking the business to the next level. Far too many businesses spend thousands of dollars on 3rd party technology, which it ineffective and is simply in place to exploit the owners lack of knowledge about what his/her business really needs to grow. Even worse, sometimes the business owner secretly does not want the business to grow because he/she thinks that growth will mean a loss of control.

Our mission is to work with clients to find the most reasonable and cost effective solutions to improve your communications with your existing customers, offer new products which might not have been considered, organize through technology, offer a message in the form of marketing and gain new customers at a rate and a pace that is comfortable for the owner.

By working with small businesses of all types around the Westchester, NY area, we have generated an up to 30% increase in sales and services per business, sometimes within the first month. There are no up front fees and we take a small agreed upon commission only on your business's growth.

Over many years, since 1997, BMI Inc. has found significant unearthed dollars for our clients, which is usually simply sitting on the table, waiting for you to claim. Existing clients love your business or they would not use you. They have other needs that most small business do not ever consider claiming. And for new customers, your existing customers and great marketing can make all the difference in sales.

Many businesses have customers. They come and they go and sometimes that is fine. But your business deserves "sticky" customers who are loyal and happy. So many small businesses simply do not understand that the difference between the 90% effort they give each and every customer and the 92% effort you could give, might put tens of thousands in your pocket. Your customers are waiting for that extra 2% and they will pay you handsomely for the additional products and services you can offer. They are not going to call you or knock down your door to give it to you. You must go get it. You must earn it. You may need a company like BMI Inc to show you how.

Thank you and we hope you contact us for more information.